10300 Sherman Dr. Lake Country, BC

250.808.GROW (4769)


Providing quality preschool to the communities of Lake Country, Oyama, Winfield, Cars Landing and Okanagan Center since 2005.

Statement of Principals

  1. As a professional early childhood educator specializing in the philosophy of Montessori education, we are devoted to providing a safe, stimulating and diverse learning environment with the individual child's welfare as our paramount priority.

  2. We strive to provide a quality education which helps a child's spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social development so that each child may realize their potential as an independent and responsible individual.

  3. As professional early childhood educators, we strive in all our professional activities for the highest degree of honesty, integrity, dependability, diligence, competence, respect, confidentiality and responsibility towards each child, each parent/guardian, each colleague and the public.

Program Benefits

  • Blossom Progressive Montessori offers a unique enriched curriculum and environment that forms a framework from which a child can develop a well rounded foundation of knowledge and skills.

  • A child's natural desire to learn is nurtured, leaving him/her with an attitude of excitement towards learning. This positive attitude is important in itself, as a child's first education experience will often establish their outlook towards school.

  • When a child's experience is one of excitement and joy, the world becomes a wondrous place. We believe this curriculum's flexibility to be of great importance as the early years are the most influential on setting life long attitudes.


Blossom Progressive Montessori is fully licensed and accredited by the Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Health.